Mustard Seed

Cultivating Young Entrepreneurs


What we’re doing:

Mustard Seed exists to cultivate an entrepreneurial attitude within the young people of Auckland. We run weekly meet-ups with local entrepreneurs to develop their business knowledge and skills. The meetings include input from other entrepreneurs and other relevant sources of advice.

Our first pilot was delivered in 2015 with a group of 6 youth-led businesses. 



Who’s involved:

Critical, Bob and Bob Creative and Roskill Youth Zone as well as invited resource people.

Why we’re doing it:

  • To develop a youth-led enterprise incubator model as a collaborative activity.

  • To support entrepreneurs by expanding their networks, giving them a real world client, and providing sales and marketing training and support.

  • To develop a shared umbrella brand and platform for sales and marketing of youth led-enterprises that are offering products and services for procurement.



In March 2018 Andy Crowe from Critical and Manawa Udy from Bob + Bob Creative reflected on what had happened in 2017, what's planned for the coming year and what the group have learned along the way: