What is the Educator programme about?

The Educator Programme provides a means for those who don’t usually engage in traditional forms of education, to gain formal recognition for the learning and development they do outside formal education structures.

The Educator Programme was created by a PETER member Praxis to partner with and support already effective youth and community development programmes to:

  • integrate and offer NCEA credits to the participants on their programmes

  • recognise the learning and development that happens outside the classroom

  • Gain formal acknowledgement of these outcomes against the NZQA national framework.

We aim to create a safe space for those who have often lost confidence in themselves in education, to make the first steps to re-engage in their educational journey, both for themselves and the people they work with.

The Educator Programme is a 3-module, 7-day, 42-credit, Level 4 certificate in teaching and assessment which qualifies graduates to teach, assess and award NCEA credits to the participants on their programmes.  Credits are registered either through their own organisation if they are registered with NZQA, or alternatively through Praxis.

Who are PRAXIS?

Praxis is a network of Christian practitioners in youth and community work, which supports people who contribute to the development of young people in their communities.

Praxis is registered with the NZ Qualifications Authority as a Private Training Establishment and operates in partnerships with churches, mission organisations and community groups at local, national and international levels. 

Praxis offers courses in Youth and Community work that are recognised by NZQA, and are approved for student loans and allowance funding, through a direct relationship with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).

Educational philosophy

  • Workshops are open entry, with a minimum age of 18

  • The courses are taught from a Christian kaupapa and based on the work of the Brazilian adult educator Paulo Freire

  • students are expected to be based in an agency that is willing to supervise and support practice in a community setting

  • The programme works in partnership with indigenous peoples and is committed to values of equality and inclusion (see https://www.praxis.org.nz/ )

The first group of participants

The first group to start the Educator programme in 2018 included:

  • six males and seven females working currently with 8 different organisations
  • 5 are aged 25 years or younger, 5 are aged 25-29 years and 3 are 30+ years; average age is 28.7 years, ranging from 21 years to 48 years
  • 3 are Maori, 2 are Filipino, 2 are Samoan, 1 is Tongan, 1 is Tongan/Maori, 1 is Fijian Indian, 1 is Indian, 1 is Pakistani and 1 is South African
  • all are currently employed by social service agencies: 7 are with faith-based groups and 6 with community organisations
  • 9 work with youth and 4 work across all age groups
  • all are currently involved in running courses, workshops, retreats or other forms of training.