A new season.....

Peter Collective has evolved over close to a decade, I Michael Smith can recall very early talks of an attempt to work closer together out of community house on the side of our maunga Puketapapa close to a decade ago. We can be proud of how this work has adapted, adjusted and morphed as the needs of our community has shifted, key partners have come and gone and champions have stepped into the ring. What never changed form this kaupapa is a commitment of working together to see better outcomes for our community in education, training and employment.

We have seen community members and partners grow, spread their wings and begin similar work in other communities across the motu.

We also honour the life on Rima Sekei, a proud member now sadly missed of our community who was a story of when organisations work together rough diamonds can shine.

Yes Ramp Up or Wrap UP was a real question we asked ourselves and wasn’t taken lightly. We do now embark on a new season and a new direction. Honesty and vulnerability aloud a decision that there was still a need for collaborative project in our community….

I, Michael Smith along with Bronwyn Guptill have decided together we can have a crack at captaining this team of passionate collaborators. Lets not ignore the fact we have lost some champions to other causes across the motu but Puketapapa still needs love. I, Michael have been involved in a range of project over the past 12 year in Puketapapa mainly with young people and Bronny brings over 30 years investment in this community we both call home.

This season is about building of the great work of the collective and starting to see the harvest. Investment will be in indirect support of growth of existing projects like our amazing PCDS driving school, educator program, mustard seed, alternative employment pipeline and early years.

in the great words of Lao Tzu

Go to the people, live among them, learn from them, love them, start with what they know, build with what they have and of the best leaders when the task is accomplished. The people will remark ‘we have done it ourselves’.

michael Smith