Learning happens everywhere.

The Educator Programme by Michael Smith

Individuals learn differently, and the traditional education approach does not work for everyone, the Educator Programme provides a means for those who don’t usually engage in traditional forms of education, to still be recognised for the learning and development they do outside of the formal education structure.

The Educator Programme was created by Praxis to partner with and support already effective youth and community development programmes, to integrate and offer NCEA credits to the participants on their programmes, recognising the learning and development that happens outside the classroom, and acknowledging it against the national framework.

What we’re finding is it’s a safe space for those who once lost confidence in themselves in education, to make the first steps to re-engage in their educational journey.

The Educator Programme is a 3 module, 7 day, 42 credit, Level 4 certificate in teaching and assessment which qualifies graduates to teach, assess and award NCEA credits to the participants on their programmes.  Credits are registered either through their own organisation, if they are registered with NZQA, or are registered with Praxis.


What’s been happening in Puketapapa?

The PETER Collective was able to enter the Community Internship Programme run by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), and received funding for myself to give 2 days per week for 12 months, to implement the programme in Puketapapa.

So far this year we have seen:

  • 12 educators in our community trained and qualified. They are currently going through the process of becoming registered as Praxis assessors.
  • 6 of these Educators are from PETER Collective organisations and were funded through DIA to complete the training.
  • As part of the training, Educators delivered some test modules with their programme participants. 30 participants had NCEA credits registered against their learning assessment through those modules.
  • We ran the programme locally in Puketapapa, which drew trainee Educators from across the Northern region of NZ
  • We run bi-monthly peer moderation and assessor professional development.

Different types of organisations that now have qualified Educators:

  • Puketapapa Community Driving School
  • Social Enterprises - Te Whangai Trust & Critical
  • In-School - REC Youth Developement (RYD)
  • Alternative education
  • Mentoring - Global Lighthouse & RYD
  • Sports Coaching
  • Work Readiness - Migrant Action Trust

Check out this great little video filmed in April 2018 of our Educators in training!


What do we hope to achieve in 2018/2019?

  • Establish good moderation rhythms for ongoing auditing,
  • One of our PETER Educators will be trained in Wellington as the Northern Region moderation facilitator
  • 85% of new Educators registering Unit Standards before end of 2018
  • Secure funding for 2019, to coordinate and facilitate the programme, quality management and moderation, and cover the cost of registering NCEA credits.


Michael Smith

PETER Collective Member

Northern Region Coordinator at Praxis