Improving education, training and employment outcomes in Puketapapa Auckland



PETER is a collective of organisations and individuals located within Puketapapa, NZ’s most diverse community. We are committed to working together to improve the education, training and employment outcomes within our community. By working together we achieve more.

We are creating the PETER Village, a well-resourced, self-sustaining ecosystem where the people of Puketapapa have everything they need to learn, thrive and prosper.



PETER is now a unique collaboration of local organisations who are creating a new system for positive social change that is locally placed, locally led and locally impacting. By activating small scale connection between small scale services and organisations, the ability to create a connected, holistic pathway for children, young people and families is emerging. This is game changing for the Puketapapa community, and for the socio-economic system in Aotearoa.



Grassroots community organisations have been workingtogether, with the support of local government and government agencies, over the past 10 years to tackle socio-economic challenges that children, young people and whanau face in Puketapapa. Earlier on this included the incarceration of gang members, building a local youth centre in Wesley, and the implementation of youth development and support programmes.

In more recent years a collaborative youth development plan was created to enhance connection, belonging and achievement within Puketapapa’s young people, another youth space created in Roskill South, and a working group formed to particularly address education, training and employment barriers, which was the formation of the PETER Collective.


Powerful things take place when like minded people connect.

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PETER as a collaborative group

The PETER Collective is built on a philosophy of member groups working collaboratively to improve and co-ordinate their work in Puketapapa. Essentially we believe that working collaboratively is more effective and efficient than working in isolation. Looking for ways to collaborate is therefore an important strategy in how PETER works.

One way that we collaborate is through the monthly Strategy meetings where we come together to review our current activities, discuss how we can work together and jointly plan future developments.

As part of monitoring how well PETER works in this respect, we have interviewed a range of PETER members in the first half of 2017 to get their feedback on these meetings and an assessment of their value in attending.  Watch the video below.


The PETER collective consists of a range of organisations that work in Puketapapa:

COMET Auckland is a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) of Auckland Council, and also an independent Charitable Trust. It seeks to support education and skills across Auckland, contributing to the relevant social and economic goals in the Auckland Plan. COMET does not provide educational services, but functions as a champion and connector of action and initiatives, with an aim of improving the effectiveness and equity of the Auckland education and skills system.

Critical is a social enterprise design studio based out of Mt Roskill, Auckland. We tackle inequality through the co-creation of ingenious products, spaces and experiences.

Te Whangai Trust is a community-led enterprise based on business principles to achieve social, environmental, economic and cultural aspirations. Development hubs are co-designed with community partners to fit each unique community needs. The hubs support communities to eradicate poverty in a way that simultaneously reduces inequality and exclusion while protecting the environment on which we all depend.

Migrant Action Trust (MAT) helps migrants and refugees to settle in New Zealand. MAT offers support from the moment migrants arrive, and continue to help them become fully integrated into New Zealand society.  MAT’s facilities and services are run by migrants for migrants, who best understand how difficult immigration based on their own experience. 

REC Youth Development is a youth organisation that focuses on working alongside community in the facilitation of youth-led initiatives.

Global Lighthouse is a faith-based community ministry and Youth Development Programme in Mt Roskill/Wesley. Global’s aim is to provide support services, advocate, mentoring and work collaboratively with other like-minded organisations, schools and churches for social reform starting with our own backyard first in Mt Roskill.

Wesley Intermediate is a Year 7 and 8 school located in suburban Auckland between Mt Roskill and Mt Albert. The majority of students are of Māori and Pacific island heritage. The school roll is becoming more diverse, reflecting population and housing change in the local area.




Meet the Team

Strategy Team

Honey, Lou and John at a Foundation North workshop

Migrant Action Trust as PETER's 'backbone organisation'

As with any organisation, PETER needs an organisational base for its work. This role is important for ensuring that administration tasks are done well, punctually and ethically. This important role for PETER is carried out by Migrant Action Trust (MAT), a member of the PETER collective.

In this interview, MAT's Honey Raslan talks about the importance of this role, both for PETER and MAT.


Operations Team

Shaila, Manawa and John looking for the answers